If lazing by the pool all day is not your thing, you can always get involved in some of Lovina’s holiday activities. From day trips to sightseeing, there is bound to be something that will spark your interest.

Arts and cultures

Balinese girl - Art & CultureLovina is a good place to explore the rich and unique Balinese cultural life. Start by visiting some temples to get a feel of the place, and then move on to the dances – there are many different types so you’ll be sure to catch something going on in the nearby villages. Not to be missed is a gamelan concert.


Git-Git-waterfallA short drive from the resort is the Gitgit village – where you can visit three beautiful waterfalls. The southernmost drops about 50m, the highest and most impressive waterfall on the island. Take a dip in the cool mountain water if you’re feeling adventurous or just sit back and admire natures force.The Lovina also has access to a hither to private and secret waterfalls on private property. This cultural gem is a must see on your trip North.

Dolphin watching

Dolphin WatchingOne of the most rewarding Lovina activities, is undoubtedly dolphin watching. There is a certain mystery to waking up at sunrise, walking to the beach, to find your local boatman and embarking on your adventure. In no time the dolphins appear in pods of 10 to literally 100’s. Some mornings, they even put on a full dolphin show with backflips, massive jumps and sometimes even tail-walking.

Diving & Snorkelling

pygmy seahorseIn North Bali you find some of the best snorkelling and diving spots this beautiful island has to offer. Through the cooperation with our selected partner we are able to provide you a variety of snorkelling and diving activities. People of all levels can choose from an introductory dive up to a multi-day dive course, day or even night dives. Beside the stunning Lovina reef, there are especially two spots that shouldn’t be missed during your North Bali stay: Menjangan Island with its fascinating and best preserved coral reefs in Bali and the legendary Tulamben Shipwreck, a World War I cargo vessel. Both places are renowned for divers and snorkelers alike. With a professional team alongside and Bali’s natural beauty THE LOVINA Bali Resort will make your underwater adventure unforgettable.

Go into town – Explore Singaraja

Explore Singaraja citySingaraja is the largest city in North Bali and the former colonial capital. Singaraja still has some of the feel of an old colonial capital. The streets are wider and grander than elsewhere in Bali and some of the old houses set in large gardens remind us of days long gone.Singaraja is different to other towns and cities in Bali. There is an Arabic influence in the district near the old docks called Kampung Arab and Singaraja also has the largest Chinese temple in Bali. Singaraja is also a major academic center with 2 universities swelling the population to over 100,000.

Golf – Handara Kosaido Country Club

Golf at Bali HandaraJust 45 minutes south of THE LOVINA Bali Resort , The Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club is considered “One of the 50 Greatest Golf Courses in the World” – by Golf Magazine. Golfers from all corners of the world travel to Bali in order to play golf at one of Asia’s most iconic and classic golf courses.
For a unique golf experience, go golfing in the crater of an extinct volcano at an altitude of 1.142 metres above sea level. This golf course is rated as the only “fully air-conditioned” golf course in the world. Special deals available for guests of THE LOVINA Bali Resort .Check out more about The Bali Handara Kosaido here


Reef & Deep Sea Fishing


You are interested in fishing? THE LOVINA Bali Resort is the place to be. Lovina reef      is pre designated for Reef and Deep Sea Fishing. A mere 150 metres from THE LOVINA Bali Resort ’s beach is fantastic reef fishing for pro’s, those who want to become ones and the family alike. Catch a reef snapper, coral trout or any number of succulent tropical fish from Bali. Less than 500 meters directly off THE LOVINA Bali Resort , is a trench well over 100 metres deep, creating one of the globe’s great fish super highways. We have seen every conceivable fish species from Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish), Barracuda, Bonito, Yellow fin tuna, Sailfish, Blue and black marlin to Humpback, Blue and even a pod of Killer whales. Our experienced fishermen will guide you to their secret fishing spots. Ask our head chef in the evening to cook your catch at our fine dining Heliconia restaurant.

Hot and cold springs

Banjar HotspringLovina hosts the unusual combination of natural cold and hot springs. The cold springs are a peculiar spectacle: cold spring water flows into a large pool made from volcanic rocks and later continues onwards into the ocean. The water is crystalline and for a small fee you can bask in the sun while enjoying the refreshing spring water. Go during the week and you’ll be practically alone and during the weekend, laugh along with the local families.For a therapeutic treatment, make your way to the gorgeous hot springs. Perched amidst the exuberant tropical vegetation of a nearby mountain, warm water flowing from Bali’s volcanic soil gushes out of the stone carved mouths of Balinese statues. The natural smell of sulphur adds a healing touch to the relaxing experience. While you’ll probably encounter a few tourists, the hot springs are not well known and therefore not crowded.


Lake BratanNot to be missed on a North Bali itinerary is a visit to the lakes. Lake Beratan and its exotic Ulun Danu temple is straight out of a postcard. Lake Buyan is a sight to be seen. Once a volcanic crater – it is now surrounded by villages that cultivate tasty strawberries. You’ll probably pass more than a few friendly macaque monkeys along the way!